Meet the Designer

Hi! I'm Hannah, the designer behind Hannah Caroline Couture. I've been building my business since 2012 when I was just a junior in high school, and my life pretty much revolves around perfecting my craft, building my company, and making the process of designing a custom gown as fun and easy as possible. 

When I'm not sewing or working on the behind-the-scenes aspects of running my business, I'm drawing, learning a new sewing skill, mentoring fashion enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs, or spending time with my amazingly supportive husband.

My journey into the fashion industry began when I was a small child, sitting in front of the TV watching Say Yes to the Dress, filling a sketchbook with wedding gown designs inspired by what I saw on the show and in the world around me. My designs never became more than sketches until I was in high school, when I became disenchanted by the fashion industry that was built for women that were smaller than a certain size. I grew so frustrated at not being able to shop with my friends and have clothing that reflected my unique style, that I took to YouTube and Pinterest to teach myself how to sew.

From there, I filled my own closet with custom, handmade creations, and after getting custom requests from friends and family, I accidentally started my business. Hannah Caroline Couture started by making accessories and simple everyday pieces for women of all sizes, and over the years I found my passion in wedding gowns and formalwear.

Today, I am proud to specialize in creating custom wedding gowns and bridal accessories for brides of all sizes, with a passion for providing an amazing customer experience whether I get the chance to work with you in person or at a distance. While I love making garments in any size and for any personal style, I get a little extra excited about working with plus-size brides and brides that want to get married in something really unique and non-traditional.

I love helping brides get married in the dress of their dreams and coming up with unique and creative ways to make sure every bride I work with is absolutely blown away by this unconventional, yet rewarding process!

If you think I might be able to help you achieve your dress dreams, reach out to me here. I can't wait to meet you!

- Hannah Nodskov: Designer, CEO, Entrepreneur, & Lover of All Things Weddings

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