Hannah Caroline Couture designs custom bridal and formalwear for modern women of all sizes. We offer customizable designs and bespoke gowns to make sure that no woman should ever have to compromise on the garments she wears to life's most important events.

We are a fashion design company that is relentlessly focused on bringing your ideas to life. We strive to make special occasions count by providing our customers with beautiful custom garments, perfectly tailored in style and fit to each customer.

Our shop is a little different than anywhere you've shopped before. We don't have a set inventory of pre-made garments sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Instead, we make every garment to order based on the style and fit preferences of each customer. We offer collections of customizable garments, which we like to think of as "bases." Each "base" garment has several elements that can be customized to your preferences, so you never have to pass on a garment that is almost perfect.

How many times do we miss out on a gorgeous garment because just a few parts of it aren't right? How many times have we left a store thinking, "I would have gotten that dress if the sleeves were longer" or "I would have loved that dress if it came in red instead"? This is what we aim to solve through our innovative customization process. Simply choose a garment that is almost perfect, adjust the elements that aren't quite right, enter your body measurements, and receive the perfect garment at your doorstep a few weeks later.

And if the idea you have isn't anywhere to be found, in our shop or otherwise, we can still help! Hannah Caroline Couture specializes in bespoke design. We can create a completely custom garment for you based on your style preferences, size, budget, and timeline. Just reach out to us here to request a custom dress.

From the idea to the sketch, to the materials, production, and alterations, we provide a full experience that is guaranteed to get you the garment you've been dreaming of.
Hannah Caroline Couture garments are imagined, designed, sketched, sewn, and tailored by Hannah Nodskov (Olson) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Hannah Nodskov, Designer

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