5 Ways to Highlight Your Tattoos on Your Wedding Day

Wedding gown with tattoos

One of our favorite things to see at HCC is how our brides showcase themselves and their personalities.

For some, they prefer to focus on more non-traditional design elements. For others, they want to have the most unique ceremony and reception they can think of. For others still, they want to showcase their unique characteristics such as tattoos.

For a lot of our brides, tattoos can hold special meaning. Others simply love the artwork showcased on their skin and want nothing more than to show it off and include it as a feature of their big day.

No matter the “why” behind your tattoos, we love designing your custom gown to highlight them! Below we share 5 ways your custom wedding gown can showcase your tattoos!

1. Sweetheart Necklines

Sweetheart or strapless necklines are a great way to showcase tattoos on your arms, chest, and upper back.

We can design your dress without any straps or sleeves that would cover your tattoos. This is a simple, classic way to show off any arm, upper back, or chest tattoos.

2. Sleeveless or Illusion Sleeves

Sleeveless styles or gowns with illusion mesh sleeves are great options to show off your arm tattoos.

Sleeveless styles allow for movement and breathability while highlighting those arm pieces.

Illusion mesh sleeves allow for the opportunity for embellishment with rhinestones, gems, lace appliques, or other elements that will appear as though they are “floating” on your skin. We love strategically placing those elements around the artwork on your arms!

3. Backs: Illusion, Open Backs, or Full Keyholes

For brides looking to show off back tattoos, an open back allows for your bare skin to show and highlight the full effect of your back tattoos. This could range from a slightly open back at the top of the dress for smaller upper back pieces, all the way to a full keyhole back that allows you to show off larger pieces.

If you want the look of an open back but with more support, an illusion mesh back can provide the best of both worlds and create opportunities for rhinestones, gems, lace appliques, or other embellishments that will look like they are “floating” on your skin, placed around your tattoos.

4. Slits and Shorter Skirts

Do you have a leg piece to show off? There are several unique ways to do that too!

If you’re looking for that classic floor-length skirt style, we can add slits into your skirt to show off your legs and they can go as high as you’d like.

Another option would be to shorten your skirt, such as making an all-around shorter skirt (such as knee-length, tea-length or cocktail length).

To add more drama, we can design your gown with a unique high-low or asymmetrical style by shortening the front or one of the sides to show off your leg piece(s).

5. Cutouts, Illusion Panels, Crop Tops, and Skirts

Looking to show off a tattoo along your torso or your hips?

Cutouts or illusion panels are a great way to show off those areas that would normally be covered by a traditional wedding look. (However, we would recommend looking into those options for close-fitting bodices or body-hugging silhouettes only.)

For tattoos near your rib cage or the center of your back, try a crop top and skirt combination!

You deserve a custom wedding gown that highlights the tattoos that make you you. Contact us today to talk about how to showcase your tattoos in your custom Hannah Caroline Couture look!

Ready to design your custom gown? Contact us today to get started!

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