Payment Options

Hannah Caroline Couture is proud to offer flexible options to help you pay for your dream dress.

Payment Options for Custom Orders

When you request a custom dress, we offer several payment options to fit your timeline and budget. We hope to ease some of your financial stress that usually comes with wedding planning, and offer as much flexibility as we can so finances don't have to get in the way of you getting your dream dress!

We offer the following payment schedule:

  • 50% Down/50% Upon Delivery: This is our default plan available to all customers. We simply require 50% of your total purchase price including all taxes to be paid before materials are purchased and work begins. The other 50% is required at the end of the process, after all applicable alterations have been completed, right before you are about to take the dress home with you. If you are a long-distance customer, this 50% is due right before we ship you your gown.

Payment Options for Customizable Garments on this Online Store

When purchasing through our website, our platform requires payment upfront to process your order unless you choose to use Shopify Installments, if available for your order. If your order qualifies for Shopify Installments, you will see prompts in your cart to select from available options, which may include breaking the purchase total into 4 interest-free payments or choosing from a set of interest-bearing payment options depending on your eligibility.

If you prefer to take advantage of our other payment options, request a custom garment here instead and reference the item(s) you would like to purchase and the payment plan(s) you are interested in learning more about. We will discuss the customizations you would like to make and continue with the ordering process via email.

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